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Lunds kammarkör
Lunds kammarkör - blandad kör från Lund - här vid återinvigningen av Fjelie kyrka den 4 december 2016


Lund Chamber Choir


Lund Chamber Choir is a mixed choir from Lund in southern Sweden which was founded in 1983. Originally a youth choir, we now have about twenty-five members with age 20 - 45. Today, the choir is led by Staffan Holst, who took over as conductor this summer.

Our repertoire is primarily modern and classical a cappella works. From time to time we also perform works for soloists, choir, and orchestra, such as Handel's Messiah.

New to Lund? And you are looking for a choir? We are always looking for passionate signers.






Audition to join!

Right now we're looking for new singers in all four parts to join the choir in the autumn, and have scheduled auditions for the 20th, 21st, 22nd, 27th and 28th of August. Contact our conductor Staffan Holst for more information!



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